• Nova Fabia
      • Nova Fabia
        Nova Fabia od  18.786 KM
        Nov, svjež, mali gradski automobil
        • Izražajan, moderan i dinamičan
        • S novim, osvježenim konceptom unutrašnjosti
        • ​Dodatno proširen, ravnijeg tijela i skladnih proporcija
        • do330l /1150l
        • od3,4l/100km
        • od88g/km
      • Nova Fabia Combi
        Nova Fabia Combi od  19.854 KM
        Počinjemo tamo, gdje drugi staju
        • Prtljažnik bez konkurencije u svojoj klasi
        • Novi sistemi asistencije i infotainment sistemi
        • Snažni i štedljivi motori
        • do530l /1935l
        • od3,4l/100km
        • od88g/km
  • Rapid
      • Rapid
        Rapid od  21.276 KM
        Prostor u svom najljepšem obliku
        • Prvi serijski model sa novim dizajnom ŠKODA
        • Dovoljno prostora sa odličnim odnosom cijena/kvalitet
        • Obimna sigurnosna oprema
        • do550l /1490l
        • od4,4l/100km
        • od104g/km
      • Rapid Spaceback
        Rapid Spaceback od  21.026 KM
        Novi ŠKODA kompakt
        • Sportska svježina i dinamična elegancija
        • Prostran i atraktivan interijer sa sportskim trokrakim volanom
        • Panoramski stakleni krov sa produženim zadnjim staklom
        • do550l /1490l
        • od4,4l/100km
        • od104g/km
  • Octavia
      • Octavia
        Octavia od  26.837 KM
        Klasa za sebe
        • Čist, precizan i bezvremenski dizajn, mjerilo u smislu prostranosti za putnike i njihov prtljag
        • Novi sistemi asistencije, inovativan komfor i multimedijski sistemi
        • Snažni i efikasni motori
        • do590l /1530l
        • od3,8l/100km
        • od99g/km
      • Octavia RS
        Octavia RS od  44.083 KM
        Najbrža Octavia do sada
        • Najveća brzina 280 km/h
        • 2.0 TSI/162 kW i 2.0 TDI CR DPF/135 kW motori
        • Inovativni progresivni servo
        • do590l /1580l
        • od4,6l/100km
        • od119g/km
      • Octavia Combi RS
        Octavia Combi RS od  46.098 KM
        Sportski, prostran, funkcionalan u savršenoj ravnoteži ​​
        • 2.0 TSI/162 kW i 2.0 TDI CR DPF/135 kW motori
        • Inovativno progresivno upravljanje
        • Trokraki kožni volan
        • do610l /1740l
        • od4,6l/100km
        • od119g/km
      • Octavia Scout
        Octavia Scout od  49.416 KM
        Prijatelj za izlazak sa mnoštvom mogućnosti
        • Funkcionalan dizajn
        • Inteligentni 4x4 sistem
        • Zaštitni paket podvozija za loše puteve
        • do610l /1740l
        • od4,9l/100km
        • od129g/km
  • Novi Superb
      • Novi Superb
        Novi Superb od  40.957 KM
        Novi model sa revolucionarnim dizajnom koji nudi vrhunsku udobnost i inovativnu povezanost
        • Ogroman prostor s najvećom unutrašnjošću i najvećim prtljažnikom svojoj klasi
        • Snažniji pogon na 206 kW vrhunskim motorima
        • ​Mnogo inovativnih sigurnosnih i sistema koji omogućavaju udobnost
        • do625l /1760l
        • od3,8l/100km
        • od100g/km
      • Novi Superb Combi
        Novi Superb Combi od  42.670 KM
        Nova Škoda Superb Combi je puna najmodernije tehnike
        • ​​Prtljažnik osnovne zapremine 660 litara
        • ​Novi sistemi bezbjednosti i asistencije
        • ​Moderni infotaiment sistemi sa mnogo funkcija​
        • do660l /1950l
        • od4l/100km
        • od103g/km

Octavia Scout

 od 49.416 KM

When space meets adventure

​​Imagine a family estate with space and comfort in abundance for both people and luggage. Imagine a car that offers all this and, at the same time, an exciting handling and supreme ride, even under harsh conditions. That’s the ŠKODA Octavia Scout. And its wild appeal applies not only to its robust exterior. The model is available exclusively with intelligent all-wheel drive, so you can go off-road without trepidation.
Family with an adventurous spirit
Day trips mean muddy boots, seeing animals in their natural habitat and visiting relatives who live in tree houses in the forest. In fact, you’re more of a tribe than a family. And your tribe needs a car that lets it explore: the New ŠKODA Octavia Scout.
​The Octavia Scout is ready for adventure. Are you ready, too?
A true Scout, the Octavia Combi is prepared to perform the most demanding tasks. Whether in the city or the countryside, it is distinguished by the rugged protective plastic on its body, ground clearance increased to 171 mm and, inside, the durable but comfortable upholstery and stainless steel pedal covers.
Tailored to enjoy outdoor living
The outdoor Octavia Combi is clearly distinguishable by specific details of the Scout models such as: distinctively shaped front bumper, rear bumper with diffuser and plastic mudguards, rocker covers and lower part of doors. Another unique detail is the Scout badge on the grille and tailgate.
Space with a hint of freedom
The interior was designed to cope with Scout‘s adventurous nature. The Scout logo can be found on seats with bespoke brown Alcantara/leather upholstery, dashboard, steering wheel and gear knob. And above all – generous space creates a feeling of endless freedom, especially with the optional large panoramic sunroof.
Ease of use: Badge earned!
Operating the Scout is not a puzzle. A major emphasis is placed on ergonomics. All controls are intuitive and always on hand.
Stylish and durable
Even stylish details in the Octavia Scout excel in terms of robustness and heavy-duty demands. The car comes with 17" alloy wheels in bespoke design. Inside the Scout, a set of pedals is made of durable stainless steel. Add to that, pedals are fitted with rubber spots, so driver‘s feet never slip.
Colourful experience
​Keen to drive a car that everyone will notice, or would you rather fade into the background? The colour range for the ŠKODA Octavia Scout is wide enough for everyone to pick exactly what they want. The true Scout does not have to wear camo...

With the Scout Badge

​The true Scouts earn badges for their skills and achievements. ŠKODA‘s new adventurer is no exception - a master in engineering, orienteering, and wilderness survival.
The DSG dual-clutch gearbox can be considered to be a masterpiece of engineering: combines economy and quick gear change of the manual transmission with comfort of the automatic. The DSG lever is embedded in the centre console with bespoke Scout décor.
The Octavia Scout interior was designed to be your every-day expedition base. The car is able to carry up to five people with ease. With an interior width of 1,449 mm and plenty of rear legroom, the car allows four adults to travel in comfort even on long tours. You can opt for attractive Alcantara seats in black or brown colour – all with Scout logo.
Steering wheel in the Octavia Scout is a command centre at your hands: pick your favourite song, make the important phone call, browse through onboard computer and many more. Moreover, the steering wheel comes with specific Scout décor and badge.
Are you familiar with positions of the sun and constellations, or which cardinal direction does the moss on tree trunk face? Well, there‘s still load of features the Columbus multimedia navigation with 8“ touchscreen could come handy on your expeditions. You can adjust Climatronic climate control, manage your music, communicate via phone, or change various car setting.
Wilderness Survival
Decorative door sill covers with Scout inscription not only protect your car, but also welcome you to the adventurous member of the Octavia family.
Octavia Scout in facts
An outdoor partner with rugged look and family skills
  • Functional design features
  • Intelligent 4x4
  • Rough-road package to protect underbody
Fuel 4.9 l/100km
Trunk 610 l / 1740 l
CO2 129 g/km

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Bad Grip for the Front Wheels and the Left Rear Wheel
Even when driving conditions get extremely tricky, you can stay calm – your Octavia Scout can dedicate up to 85% of torque to just one wheel.
Intelligent All-Wheel Drive and Underbody Protection
Drivetrain with 5th-generation Haldex four-wheel drive system deals with slightest change under Scout‘s wheels within milliseconds. Under normal conditions, the car is like regular front-wheeler. Let there be snow, mud or ice and it turns into a 4x4 without you noticing it. For your off-road journeys, the Octavia Scout is fitted with underbody protection – so-called „Rough-Road Package“.
Good Traction (Dry Road)
Under normal conditions, most of the power goes to the front wheels.
Bad Grip for All Wheels
When the road goes slippery, the intelligent system with 5th-generation Haldex coupling will distribute torque between all wheels within milliseconds.
Bad Grip for the Front Wheels
Octavia Scout‘s drivetrain helps you to handle even when there is no grip under front wheels – up to 90% of torque can be sent to the rear.

Scouting for the right ingredients

In addition to being equipped for outdoor activities, the Scout variant has all of the outstanding virtues that distinguish the Octavia Combi. This includes plenty of room for up to five passengers and 610-litre luggage compartment. Add advanced safety features, impressive traction and numerous Simply Clever solutions to the lot and you get all what it takes for the perfect day-to-day car for contemporary adventurers.
Explore functional and dynamic elegance More...
Appealing design The new ŠKODA Octavia Combi marries high functionality with dynamic elegance in a special way. Its design impresses with clarity, precision and perfect proportions, from the front to the rear.

The car‘s silhouette flows dynamically from the windshield to the rear window, without unneeded kinks or superfluous lines. The high tornado line markedly highlights a self-contained, sharply cut lateral graphic. The roofline slopes gently downward to the rear, the taillights reaching far into the rear lateral area and aligning directly with the tornado line.
There is much more behind being a real family car than just having a huge boot. More...
Clever loadmaster The ŠKODA Octavia Combi’s 610-litre boot sets another best mark in its class. With the rear seats folded down, the Combi’s loading volume rises to 1,740 litres. The rear seats can be conveniently folded down from inside the boot at the push of a button. With the front passenger seat folded down, the car will carry objects up to 2.92 m in length.

With the Octavia Combi, loading and unloading is as easy as a pie. Just press a button and the power-operated tailgate starts opening; another push of the button will close the tailgate for you.
The safest Octavia Combi of all times More...
5-star safety Its high level of safety won the ŠKODA Octavia Combi a perfect score of five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests. Passengers can count on innovative safety systems, a comprehensive passive-safety package including up to nine airbags and the car‘s stable handling.
The most comfortable way to travel More...
Space enough to share ​Say ”huge space” and the ŠKODA Octavia Combi comes immediately on your mind. Not many cars in the compact segment offer a longer interior (1,782 mm) and more kneeroom in the rear (73 mm). And there is ample headroom at the front (983 mm) and at the back (995 mm), too!
Efficient and agile powertrains More...
Engines The ŠKODA Octavia Combi features range of modern powerful yet efficient petrol and diesel engines. Three of them are available for the Octavia Scout: two diesel and one petrol engine.

All drivetrains feature intelligent all-wheel drive with 5th-generation Haldex coupling and the efficient Green tec package with Start-Stop system and brake energy recovery as standard.

1.8 TSI/132 kW (6-speed DSG automatic)
2.0 TDI/110 kW (6-speed manual)
2.0 TDI/135 kW (6-speed DSG automatic)
Multi-function camera, front radar and sensor-based systems to help you concentrate on driving. More...
Assistants to enhance comfort and safety ​The Octavia Combi features an impressive list of assistants which make mobility safer and more comfortable. Some of them will help you to recognize traffic signs, others are there to assist you with emergency braking; you can count on them on motorways as well as in the city... Put it simply - the Octavia Combi makes your day-to-day driving as comfortable and safe as possible.